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Tokyo Rose=Iva Ikuko Toguri


I love reading about interesting stories, about Americans. Actually I enjoy interesting stories about people in general. From now on every now, and then I will be sharing some of the stuff I read. Who knows? Maybe somebody out there will enjoy it.

A few months back I was listening to George Takei, (yes the gay guy who played Sulu on Star Trek) on the Adam Carolla Podcast, and he brought up the story of Tokyo Rose. Though I was very interested at the time, I forgot the specifics of the story, but just remembered it being very interesting. I don’t want to write a long explanation of it, because I don’t think I can really do the story justice. Tokyo Rose, real name Iva Ikuko Toguri, was an American women, of Japanese decent who became stuck in Japan after Pearl Harbor.  After refusing to renounce her United States Citizenship, she was denied a war ration card. She was forced to broadcast propaganda. She made very little money for this, but still used, some to smuggle food to American POW’s.  After Japan’s surrender, Iva Ikuko Toguri was offered $2000.00 to do an interview, as Tokyo Rose, with reporters Harry T. Brundidge, and Clark Lee. Still wishing to return to America, but lacking the money to do so, she did the interview hoping to get home. Instead she was arrested, on over 8 acts of treason. She spent a year in jail, but was released when no evidence of her committing treason was found. Eventually the reporters that, interviewed her and supposedly got the signed confession, were investigated for witness tampering. I think this is a story of a women, who should be considered a true American heroine, but was falsely accused, and wrongfully imprisoned, because of some overzealous reporters, and her wanting to go home. Here are a couple links to much better explanations. I think they are worth the read. Keep in mind the type of feel America had at the time. Japanese American citizens were force into internment camps, and we were at war, which I think tends to make people overly paranoid, and quick to judge.

FBI Famous Cases

Washington Post Story


Be Original… Or Just Get A Bunch Of Tattoos!!!!


When I was a little kid I always wanted a tattoo… I loved Lowrider Magazine, and I just loved the Lowrider culture as a whole.  I always thought tattoos were a huge part of that culture. Not a colorful bugs bunny, or Japanese Kanji, but prison tattoos. Just dark ink that seemed to make a person intimidating, and represented something.  While what these tattoos represented weren’t always good things, they meant something, and they were not accepted in “mainstream” society. My point is, people who had tattoos were doing it to be different, and to represent. Other people with tattoos were military, and also the rebellious type.  The latter wanting tattoos to show the control they had over their own body, and to display their utter lack of respect for conformity.  If they’re tax attorney was tatted up they probably wouldn’t have wanted have viewed tats in the same way.  A large portion of today’s youth is getting tatted for a completely different reason.  Instead of getting inked to stand out, they are getting tatted to fit in, never REALLY think about the permanence of a tattoo.  Before tattoos on TV were rare. Dennis Rodman actually stood out in Jordan’s NBA. Today I think it might be a requirement to get in the League.  Kids are getting sleeves because that is what Lil Wayne is doing.  These same kids are treating these very basic, and unoriginal tattoos as something that separates their individuality.  This just isn’t the case anymore.  How many star’s do we have to see on people before it becomes obviously unoriginal? I used to see people with their lip pierced, and a few tats, and I thought, “Damn must be a bad ass” or ” I wonder what his parents did to him.”  Now I don’t really think anything.  It is just too common.  Everybody has one. At what point is this considered “trend?”  I think we are already at that point. We are in the midst of a trend.  What do all trends do? They fade away.  Unlike parachute pants, or porno star mustaches, tattoos cannot be gotten rid of easily, and 100%.  I think this large scale tattooing is a fad, that will be a regrettable one.  Is this lowering the ceiling of job potential for our youth, or is business America, just going to have to accept ink?  The question is always asked, and ignored. What do you think, you’ll think about your tattoo when you are older? I’m all about living in the moment, but not at the expense of the embarrassing moments I’ll live in the future.  Before I get attacked because of my thoughts,(I realize this isn’t popular belief by my peers) I don’t think this applys to everybody.  I know super creative people, who actually know the history, and art of tattooing. That is something that is lacking at a time when, getting inked is at it’s highest popularity.  I still have respect for the tattoos I wanted as a kid.  Will I get one now? Almost certaintly not. I told my cousin there would only be one way I would get tatted, and that is if Mister Cartoon himself gave it to me.  Sorry you just can’t pass up that kind of genius.  I have a million more thoughts on this but I don’t really want to get that far into it.  I don’t want to get into the tramp stamp, or the porn star tattoo epidemic all together lol…  All I’m saying is two things. Don’t lie to yourself by thinking you are being an individual by fitting in with everybody else. Number two, REALLY think about it before you get a tattoo. Consider the future a little, and if what you are getting is meaningful.  If I would have gotten a tattoo at age 15 like I wanted, I would have my mother’s maiden name, and a Ruff Ryder Symbol on my back.  Hind sight is always 20-20.



Well I got back from Vegas last night. It was quite honestly one the top three funnest times I’ve had. What is it about Vegas that just makes everything easier. It’s so much easier to not care about normal life stuff. Approaching a girl becomes 50 times easier, and you basically lose all your inhibitions… Well not all of them hopefully. I’ll have more about Vegas later. Right now Is sleepy time. I need a lot of rest.

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