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R.I.P. Michael Jackson

August 28, 1958-June 25, 2009

Okay I went camping this weekend, and had some time to just relax, shoot guns, drink beer, socialize, and think. The last three things put together, brought up an interesting subject. Michael Jackson. Everybody was talking about his passing, as if it was a close relative, or friend that had passed. Don’t get me wrong, when I heard he had passed, I was somewhat… I don’t know if I would say sad, but I was bummed. Not just because it was Michael Jackson, but just hearing about somebody recognizable dying at such an early age is sad.  Well the main conversation around the campfire was just, pure hurt, and sadness. I felt like I might be a little heartless, because I just didn’t see it that way. After awhile I started thinking, its always weird when an icon dies. We all have some kind of attachment to to that person.  Maybe it’s just that it connects to whatever was going on in your life, but I think people do feel like they are losing somebody close to them. The one thing I think about M.Jack, is that you can’t just blindly speculate, and judge him for what he has been accused of.  I’m not a defender of that type of stuff, but he’s never been convicted. People want to say it’s because he paid off the families. That’s fine, but if Michael Jackson touches my kid, I’m not taking any kind of money to let it go. I don’t think a parent could just do that. For that reason alone, it’s hard to believe for me. It’s easy to just say, ” Well why was he sleeping with a ten year old?” You can guarantee that you wouldn’t do that, and that alone is sick. Well the thing you don’t understand is, Michael Jackson didn’t grow up like you. He was physically, and mentally abused.  He has been in the lime light almost his whole life, and never had an inch of room to just be a kid. His mind never went through the natural process, a mind goes through from being a child, to adolescence, to being an adult. He never had a childhood, that is why he was trying to recreate that when he became older.  All that, and being treated like he is was a monster by the media. I’m sure the only time he really felt comfortable, and confident was on stage. Too many people make too many assumptions, just to hear their own voice weigh in on something. Screw that noise. Well regardless, there is no argument. He was the king of pop, and a very interesting, and complex figure.  R.I.P. Michael Jackson


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