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You, know it really sucks that racism is still an issue. I feel like a lot of it is bull shit pussy racism. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are real mean, racist people out there. I know that there are white supremacists, and groups that attack a specific race out there, but for the most part I think the word “racist” is being used for too many people. I think its B.S. that opinions aren’t able to be stated, because of racial sensitivity. Screw that noise. It’s so funny to me, that people are so damn scared to say anything about anybody. I should have said “white” people are scared to say anything. It’s that whole white guilt thing, that handicaps them in an argument. I’m half white, and half Mexican. I’ll go off on anybody. I tell people I know the same stuff. Racial stereotypes for instance… It’s not the white man’s fault that a higher percentage, of Mexicans work in landscaping. Go outside and tell me that stereotype isn’t at least kind of true. Stop being so fucking sensitive to shit like that.  A black dude could just go off on a white guy, calling him cracker, and white boy, hick etc.  Meanwhile,  Skylar has no idea how to describe the guy, that he saw break into his house. What is the safe word? I think if you can call me “white” I can call you “black.”  It’s not racist, I mean that’s the color of your skin, and it’s the easiest way to say it. Let’s all get over this sensitivity stuff, and learn how to judge intent, instead of just jumping to conclusions because of a word. I feel so comfortable with my position because, I don’t care what a person looks like (unless it’s a date) all I care about is who they are. Racial sensitivity just complicates things in my mind. I realize I haven’t had to suffer too much racism. I live in an area with mostly Mexicans and some Anglos.(just wanted to use that word) I still feel that I have a grasp of the severity of it, and I think the only way to just move on, is not care. I mean this reverse discrimination case, involving the firefighters sounds completely ridiculous to me. People pass tests. People fail them. It’s not the Whitey McFirefighters fault that, none of the black, and only one Latino passed the promotion test. I want the person that passed the test to get a promotion, not the guy, that just kept drawing shapes on his bubble exam. I don’t care if the guy who gets the promotion is pink, with purple polka dots on his forehead. Pass the test, get the promotion. Simple as that. If you want to say the test is culturally bias, it better be pretty obvious. The questions better be something, about getting sun burned, or the music of John Tesh.(everybody should fail that haha) I’m in no way calling Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor a reverse racist like some nuts out there, but I am troubled with her ruling on this case. I just don’t know how you could see it any other way. You don’t possibly become the first female Hispanic, Supreme Court Judge, without having some sense.(you can just become president) ZZZINNNNNGGG!!! HAHA I’ll link to the story if you don’t already know.  So People PLEASE!!! STOP BEING SUCH A PUSSY ABOUT RACISM! GET OVER IT, AND PROVE PEOPLE WRONG! If your Mexican, trying being an interior designer, instead of a landscaper, or maid at a motel (my mom’s profession) Hey you White guys, why don’t you rob a liquor store or two, before you launder money, and commit insider trading. Asians….ummmm….Learn how to drive!!!!!

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